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December 3, 2008

i love riding bicycles. at age 7 my dad got me a blue bmx dirt bike (no trainer wheels! no pink crap with glitter tassels!) and i spent all summer learning to ride. there are a few faded scars on my knee to prove the ordeal.

back in april, i dropped some cash on a beautiful buttercream-yellow retro cruiser bike. if poor urban planning, traffic, or safety wasn’t such an issue in los angeles, my jeep would be my secondary mode of transportation around the city. alas, bikes don’t really take centerstage in my life unless it’s the weekend. this past summer came with the added bonus of extended daylight hours, and with that i took leisurely tours around my neighborhood, admiring homes, got plenty of fresh air, thought a few things through. i pedaled to the local coffee shop, picked up things from the store, rode to the sunday farmer’s market on ventura blvd to pick up some produce.  in the beginning i got some flak for riding my bike with a dress, heels, oversized glasses, and a leather purse crammed in the basket. some weird stares here and there as i rolled out of the garage, some random honks on the street.

so here’s what i think: screw tricot bike tights (uncomfortable, unflattering, and unladylike. my point is, i’m not scaling mountains here. if i’m going for zero carbon footprint on my lovely bike headed somewhere, i might as well do it in style. i mean…

women in europe do it with style:


photo credit: thesartorialist.blogspot.com

(ps: the title is “via manzoni.” it’s in milan. behind her to the left is the subway depot i used to take to and from my school. to her right is the armani caffe where i scarfed down my daily “capuccino e brioche” before heading to class.)

agyness deyn does it with style:


photo credit: agynessdeyn.co.uk

and your grandmama did it with style too:


photo credit: john’s bikes.com

so when the chill is gone and late afternoons become balmy once again, here’s what’s going to happen:


photo credit: ebay (shoes: mine!), net-a-porter (chloe spirogram dress), electra amsterdam bike


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